Watch out, Bono! New generation rock stars are coming on strong with political advice.

           RADIOHEAD singer Thom Yorke now says that he is ashamed to be a member of the Western world -
           believing NATO's attacks on Serbia to be disgraceful.

           Speaking at Sunday night's Tibetan Freedom Concert in Amsterdam, the CAPITOL RECORDS singer
           refused to celebrate NATO's victory, which he sees as a hypocritical war in the light of NATO's human
           rights history.

           Yorke unloaded: "Even though at the moment everybody's waving the flag, in Britain I'm profoundly
           ashamed of their actions, simply because I don't see what right NATO had to do what it did.

           "The re-write of history going on is incredible, and I find it extremely unnerving. In 1949 Britain turned a
           blind eye when China invaded Tibet. How can a government claim to work for the people yet never ever
           listen to them.

           "I'm totally ashamed to be part of the West, the way they've dealt with the rest of the world."

           The crowd reacted strongly to Yorke's NATO comments."