Meeting People Is Easy
Capsule by Lisa Alspector
From the Chicago Reader

  Grant Geeís documentary about Radiohead, structured around the bandís OK Computer tour, includes shots of faceless commuters and other evidence that some human pursuits are dehumanizing, though itís deliberately ambiguous about whether footage of masses attending Radiohead concerts is meant to be an exception. Grainy performance clips, text from laudatory reviews, outtakes from promotional spots, and circular sound-and-image bites (such as a hasty cutaway from a journalist asking a band member for the stupidest question heís ever been asked by a journalist) are montaged into what at first seems to be another info-age spectacle condemning the technology it relies on. But gradually it becomes clear that this movie, and the musicians whose career it impressionistically profiles, is actually criticizing high technology, the music industry, consumerism, and hype--without ever pretending to reject any of it. In the process front man Thom Yorke comes
across as a refreshingly complex incarnation of an old icon--the pop star whoís cynical about celebrity.

Screening as part of a limited theatrical run to promote the video/DVD release.