Radiohead are on the Right Wavelength
Louise Johncox
Daily Mirror, March 9, 1995

RADIOHEAD have taken America by storm, despite being relatively unknown in their native Britain.

The Oxford-based band, at No 17 in this week's singles chart with High And Dry, hope to raise their UK profile with a tour this month.

They attracted sell-out crowds and rave reviews in the States after their single Creep was picked up by a San Francisco DJ.

Guitarist Ed O'Brien says: "We were amazed by the response. There's a big tradition of wanting to make it in America, so it was a big surprise when we did so well there."

The five musicians, who all met at school, have sold a million copies of their debut album, Pablo Honey. Next week they release their second album, The Bends.


But they hit rock bottom while recording the album.

"We suddenly felt under enormous pressure," admits Ed, 26.

"People had begun to ask, 'Are we one-hit wonders?' It eventually got to the stage when we couldn't communicate any more so we decided to have a break and hit the road.

"When we returned to the studio we felt refreshed and managed to finish the album in two weeks."

Radiohead, who have been compared to U2 and REM, are looking forward to making their second appearance on Top Of The Pops this week.

Radiohead are tourning the UK this month. and you can catch them at the following venues:

March 9, University Great Hall, Cardiff; 10, Bristol University; 11, Truro City Hall; 13, Wolverhampton Civic Hall; 14, Hallam University, Sheffield; 15, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen; 16, The Garage, Glasgow; 18, University of Central Lancashire, Preston; 19, Town Hall, Middlesborough; 20, Manchester University; 22, Waterfront, Norwich; 23, Roadmender, Northampton; 24, Forum, London.