Band line up for T in the Park
Daily Record, March 28, 1996

Greatest Hits: Creep, My Iron Lung, High And Dry, Fake Plastic Trees, Just; Street Spirit (Fade Out).

The Oxford band's debut album Pablo Honey sold two million copies, while The Bends has spawned a string of chart hits. They'll be smiling all the way to Strathclyde Park.

Frontman: Thom Yorke, the spiky-haired singer who has been voted the man most likely to commit suicide by a cheeky music rag.

Best Moment: Keanu Reeves and REM's Michael Stipe called Radiohead the best group in the world, after they toured the States with the rock giants.

Stipe said: "There aren't many things which scare me, but Radiohead are so good they scare me."

Delighted Yorke said: "REM have been so supportive. They came on stage with champagne on the final night of our US tour and said we were their favourite band. Then they launched into Carly Simon's Nobody Does It Better with us."