Radiohead video first DVD foray for Capitol-EMI
By RICHARD JOHN -- JAM! Showbiz March 10,1999

                     Radiohead - who broke ground with their 'OK
                   Computer' album - are set to do it again, this time
                   with a slightly different medium.

                   'Meeting People Is Easy', the band's
                   behind-the-scenes tour video is set to be
                   Capitol-EMI's first foray into simultaneous DVD and
                   VHS release on 4 May in Canada and the US. As
                   well, the video becomes the first title to be
                   distributed by EMI Music Distribution (EMD).

                   The video, directed by Grant Gee, follows the band
                   around the world on their recent 'OK Computer'
                   tour. Shadowing the band, Gee captures the
                   whirlwind of activity and excitement as the band
                   escalated in fame and critical standing.

                   As with most fly-on-the-wall documentaries,
                   'Meeting People...' captures the ups and downs of
                   life on the road - live, promotional and radio
                   appearances, live performances and candid
                   'downtime' shots are all featured.

                   While the video captures the band live all around the
                   world, it also shows the beginning of new material by
                   the band - including three new songs that may
                   appear in some form on future releases.

                   "We are very excited by the opportunity that DVD
                   offers and particularly thrilled that our first DVD is
                   with Radiohead, one of the best and most innovative
                   bands recording today," commented EMD Pres. and
                   CEO, Richard Cottrell in a press release.

                   "[Radiohead] have built a reputation for integrating
                   talent and technology in their music, which is a
                   wonderful combination for our initial DVD."

                   "We look forward to many future releases in the

                   While no other DVD titles have been announced by
                   name, Capitol Records Executive Vice President Liz
                   Heller revealed that the format does have a future
                   for EMI. "We have a number of titles in
                   development and plan to release them by Fall."

                   "We are excited that we were able to involve
                   Radiohead and tie the release of our first DVD into
                   the campaign for the theatrical and home release of
                   "Meeting People Is Easy."

                   'Meeting People Is Easy' was released last year in
                   the UK and is premiering in the US at South by
                   Southwest Music and Film Festival on March 20.