Radiohead Reload For New Album
Speaking of the Yorke clan, Radiohead's sainted publicist assures us that they are just "resting." But we heard from
some of their Oxford cronies that they never rest, and
instead have been recording and writing over the past few
months the follow-up to massively successful O.K.
Computer. If our pals at Melody Maker are to be
believed, the new record is Radiohead's own Reload,
consisting of a few new songs, and some choice leftovers
from the O.K. Computer sessions. As the story was told
to us, the band really put their little snub noses to the
grindstone recording their biggest hit to date, and ended
up with so many tracks that there was talk about releasing
that a double album. Those plans were scotched by the
higher-ups at Capitol Records, but the fact remains that
there is still that surplus of utterly brilliant material, most
ofwhich, our sources tell us, will end up on the new album,
including the dreamy "Motion Movie Soundtrack," the
powerful "True Love Waits," and a dark and brooding
ballad entitled "I Promise."
  After the band members return from their respective
holidays, they plan to head to the studio in October.
Whether or not they'll have Nigel Godrich in tow, hasn't
as of yet been decided -- but we can't see how they
wouldn't want the return the man who turned the knobs on
their platinum-selling opus, unless Beck is still
monopolizing him. -Jaan Uhelszki (