Welcome to the all new Oxford Guide! Below you'll find information and pictures about the places that have are closely related to Radiohead and the Oxford Music Scene. If you have any information about the places below, or if you know of a place not listed, let us know at oxford@greenplastic.com! Feel free to print this page out and take with you on your next trip to Oxford!

Many thanks to Yasuko Otani for the pictures below. All pictures are by her unless noted otherwise.


1. Walter Mittey's
106 Bridge St, Osney Island

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Once called the Hollybush, this venue was the place where the band performed their first show under the name "Radiohead." Originally they were called "On a Friday" because they used to practice on Fridays while in school.

Walter Mitty's is very three-dimensional, sporting little models of airplanes stuck on the ceiling upside down.

2. Brown's Restaurant & Bar
5-11 Woodstock Rd
Ed used to be a waiter here.

3. Beat Cafe
Little Clarendon St
The Beat Cafe is a very trendy, lively vegetarian cafe and bar. It was once the favored gathering place of the trendy Oxford hordes who so alienated Thom in "Creep" -

"What the hell am I doing here? / I don't belong here".

Despite that, Thom and the rest of the band could be regularly found here in the early '90s. There is even a drink named in honor (or is it poking fun of them?) of the band called "Creep". See pictures above: (click to enlarge)

4. The Philanderer & Firkin (The Jericho Tavern)
56 Walten St
This is where it all began. The Jericho used to be the premier live music venue in Oxford until it was turned into a theme pub a few years ago. In November of 1991, the band played to 25 A&R people while still going under the name "On a Friday." It went well. They signed to Parlophone a few days later.

Radiohead's first ever interview was spawned from that performance and was printed in the now defunct Curfew Magazine. If you'd like to read it, click here.

It changed it's name to the Philanderer & Firkin a few years ago but is still referred to as the Jericho, even though most of what made up the Jericho is now gone.

5. Exeter College
Turl St
The setting for one of On a Friday's few foray's into University territory, where they played at the 1988 "Exeter Event" supporting the Icicle Works. Back then, they were "very different to Radiohead, but still very good."

6. Cult Clothing & Co
Friars Entry  
Thom worked here while their record deal was being negotiated. Once the deal with Parlophone was signed, he quit the job and let his boss know how he felt, in a not so nice manner.

Cult Clothing sells mainly skate boarding and street clothing.

5. Our Price (Westgate Centre)
Queen St

picture from www.oxfordcity.co.uk/shops/westgate
Colin used to work in the Our Price in the Wesgate Centre, a covered mall on Queen Street in Oxford. Our Price is a music store and where Colin met Keith Wozencroft, an EMI sales rep. Colin handed him a copy of the band's demo tape with "Stop Whispering" on it. Needless to say, Keith was very impressed and shortly after the band was signed to EMI/Parlophone.

There was another Our Price in Oxford... it was located on Cornmarket Street but now is a Moss Bros mens' clothing store.

8. Oxford Brooks University
Headington Rd
This used to be Oxford Polytechnic. Jonny studied music and psychology briefly here before dropping out to focus on the band. He was the only member not to receive a degree from a university.

9. The Zodiac
190 Cowley Rd
The Zodiac is a 500 seat venue that has been Oxford's main live music theater since it's reopen in 1995 with money funded by Radiohead's management group, Courtyard Management. Back in Radiohead's "On a Friday" days, this was called the CO-OP Dining Hall and then changed to The Venue.

The video for "Creep" was filmed here.

The Zodiac is now owned by Nick Moorbath, keyboardist who has played with Ride and Hurricane #1.

The Zodiac is located on Cowley Road. Here is an excerpt from Nightshift Magazine:

"Where it all happens apparently. Unless you're a Uni student straight out of public school in which case it's where all the scary drug pushers, muggers and lefty bohemians hang out. A myth we're more than happy to perpetuate to keep bastards out. Also, anyone who uses the phrases 'Cowley Village' or 'Cowley Strip' had better watch their backs - pretentious hippy wankers."

Check out the Zodiac's web page at www.the-zodiac-co.uk.

10. PMT (Processional Music Technology)
Unit 4-5 Tyndale House, Cowley Rd
PMT is a guitar shop on Cowley Road. The band can be seen here regularly.

11. Ridgefield Road
Off Magdalen Road
Terraced houses in the midst of student-ville. Thom, Colin, and Jonny lived here between 1991 and 1992, and were latterly joined by Ed. Consequently, all Radiohead tours began here.

12. Clifton Hampden Village Hall
The Turnpike
Fairly tiny building close to Abingdon School where On a Friday regularly rehearsed. Prior to each practice session, they had to go and get the key from an old lady who lived around the corner.

13. Abingdon Boys School
Park Road, Abingdon
Classic old-style independant school that looks halfway to being a stately home. All five of Radiohead went here, where they met. The school punk band was called TNT. Thom and Colin were members; Thom, unable to lay his hands on a mic stand, tended to use a stolen broomstick.

14. The Old Fire Station
40 George St
A 200 seat studio complex that Thom once described playing there was like playing on a salad bar.

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15. The Apollo Theatre
George St
The Apollo Theatre is owned by the Apollo Leisure Group, who also own the Old Fire Station. The Apollo covers every type of theatre out there from rock concerts to opera. On February 25, 1995, Radiohead held a preview show there for the release of The Bends. They played in front of invited media.

16. The Dolly (now called The Cellar)
Frewin Court  
The Dolly, now known as The Cellar, is the oldest music venue in Oxford. On a Friday used to play here a lot.

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